Due to the ensuing storm, certain Hollybook services will be limited. The PLAYHOUSE will remain open for companionship, but will not be providing any services such as meals, beds, etc. Snacks and games are welcome but pets are not allowed. Hollybrook does not have enough generators to power the entire complex, but we do have minimal power for emergencies. If you have special needs, please make arrangements beforehand.

The Bus will only be in service on Thursday morning 10/6/16 to Publix and Western Beef. There will be no afternoon service.

The Golf Course is now closed until further notice.

The Restaurant will be closed Wednesday night 10/5/16 for dinner, but will remain open Thursday 10/6/16 as long as conditions allow.

The Office will be closed on Thursday 10/6/16.

We hope to reopen most services on Friday 10/7/16, but it will depend on the weather and if conditions are safe. We will assess the roads and tree damage after the storm passes. You can find a list of all Building Captains HERE


Please feel free to send me questions or concerns through email as I will be checking it regularly.

Simone Berger -


The staff will be taking proactive measures over the next couple of days to prepare the property for the approach of Hurricane Matthew. Current forecasts vary but most models have it passing through or by South Florida sometime Thursday pm into Friday am (the 1100 update from the National Hurricane Center has indicated a 20% chance that the area will be affected by hurricane force winds as a result of this storm). As always we will attempt to secure and or move many non-fixed items so as to minimize damage and avoid these items becoming airborne projectiles as a result of storm winds.

If you are currently local you will see screens being removed from tennis courts, pool umbrellas being removed, pool furniture and dumpsters being tied down, and shutters likely going up on the administration building, guardhouses, and restaurant. Late Wednesday we will likely be shutting down the computer servers in administration and otherwise securing the bulk of our computer equipment. Our system DOES allow for remote access to update the website and send emails, so we should be able to keep these lines of communication to residents open. All of the propane tanks at the pools are scheduled to be filled tomorrow morning.

Once the storm has passed we will work closely with the restaurant staff to have the facility open as soon as possible subject to the availability of their kitchen equipment. Most of the cooking equipment is gas and should operate even if we experience an electrical outage. They have already indicated that they are prepared to serve a limited menu if refrigeration is affected. Employees are on notice and we are prepared to utilize clean-up crews outside normal working hours to include over this coming weekend if manpower is required to restore the property to a safe and unimpeded condition. 

As many are aware if the storm gets intense enough our Security Department personnel relocate from the guardhouse at Gate A to the Towers which is served by an emergency generator. We will make the call to transition to this condition when and if conditions warrant it. We will continue to monitor the track of the storm and will attempt to time our actions relative to securing facilities and departing from normal operating procedures so as to minimize impact on residents while also avoiding personnel being placed in unsafe conditions.


Please see the Voice of Hollybrook page 26 and 27, or click HERE for Hollybrook's Hurricane Disaster Plan. Stay up to date with forecast information by visiting


I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know that with all eyes now on Hurricane Matthew churning in the Caribbean, it’s important to remain vigilant and prepared.

While predictions indicate that South Florida is out of the forecast cone, please note that your city is prepared for any changes that may occur, and we hope that all residents are also prepared. There’s still one more month to go, so it’s critical to never be complacent during hurricane season.

It’s now time to look at your hurricane plan, check supplies and think about steps you need to take to ensure your family and property remain safe.

Doing things at the last minute is never a good idea. Please be informed and alert. It’s not clear what the impact will be with such a strong storm so near, however, we are closely watching the hurricane’s path and will keep you up to date should there be any risks to our community.

Mayor Frank C. Ortis, City of Pembroke Pines


In the even we lose electricity, residents should get in touch with their building Captain or Carl Mack (call, or text if the call does not go through, 954-296-6695). We will have generators connected to ice machines to supply ice to residents that have medication.