Canasta is looking for players! Contact Renee 954-435-1254


NEW - Line Dancing Class

Starts December 5th in the Playhouse 3 pm - $5 per class or all six for $25



Starts December 5th in the Playhouse 4 pm -$5 per class or all six for $25



By Professor Corseri. 3pm in Room 218 (except Feb 20 in room 217). Six lectures - $40 or $9 at the door each time. January 9th, January 23rd, February 6th, February 20th (room 217), March 6th, March 20th. Contact Arthur Jordan, 954-437-1524


Aqua Zumba

Thursdays 8:45am to 9:45am
$30 for 6 week series, Pool 5


Bridge - duplicate

Every Wednesday at 12:15 in the Social Hall. Call Jane Lopez 305-775-6038 for more information or for lessons


Bridge - Progressive

Sundays. Starts at 1pm room 209B. Call Jean Barber at 954-433-2565 (no play 5-8 and 5-22. Final play 5/15 and 5/29 until September)


Body dynamics

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:45am in the Social Hall


Chair yoga

Thursday 11am-noon Room 218 - 5 week $24 pp 1st class is free for new studenst! If you are interested in a Monday Chair Yoga Class, Call Leslie at 954-646-4076


Book Club

January 11 in Library Reading Room 4:15 pm. Book is Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos


Current events

The second Tuesday of every month, 7:30-9:00pm in the library. Call Adrienne Rogatz at 305-332-6077. We discuss any and all that is happening on the news, be it politics, gun control, the economy, etc . We look forward to an open discussion and try and answer any questions and are ready and happy to listen to all and everyone's views.There is so much going on let's get out there and hear what you all have to say.



The new pickleball season started Saturday November 19th on courts 11-12-13-14 at phase 6. The new schedule for regular plays is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 8:00 to 11:00. Friday morning is specially for beginners, personal training or lessons. The schedule is good until the end of march when we will hold our second social tournament. Also this year we will have funny Olympics. The date is being further determined. New players, residents and guests are welcome to try. We have the equipment.


Adult Coloring

Enjoy a relaxing, fun time at adult coloring session. Tuesdays at 3pm. Bring your own coloring supplies.



The SO JO Singers and Musicians are an entertaining group who you may not have heard of. They have been in Hollybrook for five years and going strong for another year.  Everyone is invited to join them.  If you like music, singing, maybe play an instrument, you should consider this fun group of people. Remember the hootenannies of the 60’s? They are alive and well in 2017. All talent levels welcome. Come and check it out in room 218 on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 2 pm, to 5 pm. No charge. Call LILY 954-450-0801


Sunday Bridge

Returns September 11th at 1:00pm in room 218


Laughing Yoga

Thursdays at 4pm in Room 218 (Starting January 5th). Directed by Laughing Yoga Leader Jane. Come in your wheelchair, bring your walker, everyone is welcome! Call Jane 305-775-6038


Jewelry Class

Starts January 11th. Learn how to make stunning jewelry. Learn how to string beads and install clasps. Learn netting, kumihimo and Russian spirals. For information call Linda 954-431-0600x25



BINGO needs a volunteer to learn to run Bingo Machine on stage and call, each Thursday from November to April. BINGO is in the Playhouse at 7pm and setup begins around 6pm. Please call Nathalie Champagne at 954-432-6429



Marlene Vachon invites you to share her 40 years of experience as a professional painter and join her painting class starting January 11th. Wednesday mornings in the Arts and Crafts room. $25 for each lesson. Contact Marlene at 954-649-2476



The Library Committee is seeking full-time residents to volunteer.  Do you have a couple of hours each week to devote to the community of Hollybrook? Please call Lise at 954-999-1573. You can pick a movie or an audio book by showing your Hollybrook ID card Sunday 1-3pm, Wednesday 7-9pm, Friday 9-10:30am



Courtesy Bus Schedule

For information, call the bus driver Levy at 954-415-8517

Western Beef Supermarket
Mondays - Thursdays - Saturdays:
Drop off time: 10:00 am
Pick up time: 11:15 am

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and
Bus goes to Publix, Dollar Tree, Einstien Bagles,
and Denny's Restaurant ONLY

1st Trip (Pick-up order:Phase
Pick-up time at Hollybrook 9:30 am
Drop off time at Publix/Dollar Tree 10:00 am
Pick-up time at Publix/Dollar Tree 11:30 am

2nd Trip (Pick-up order: Phase
Pick-up time at Hollybrook 1:00 pm
Drop off time at Publix/Dollar Tree 1:30 pm
Pick-up time at Publix.Dollar Tree 3:00 pm

Wednesdays Only:
Bus goes to Pembroke Lakes Mall and Super
Pick-up order: phase 2-1-5-3-4-6-Towers
Pick-up time at Hollybrook 9:30 am
Drop off time at Pembroke Lakes Mall 10 am
Drop off time at Super Walmart 10:15 am
Pick-up time at Super Walmart 12:45 pm
Pick-up time at Pembroke Lakes Mall 1:00 pm