Dear Unit Owners,

      Per the Board of Directors’ adopted 2019 Budget, which includes the charge of $200 for the 2019 Restaurant Card, your card will be paid for when you make your October 2018 maintenance payment. There is no need to make an additional payment. 

     The card will expire December 31, 2019.

     In order to pick up your card, you must be on the Deed and show a picture I.D. (driver's license or Hollybrook I.D. card).

  pick up hours are between 9 a.m. - noon or 1 p.n. and 4 p.m.

      If you must have someone pick up your card for you,  you must authorize the pick up by signing an RC1900 form. The form can only be signed by the unit owner.

    Cards will no longer be mailed to you but will remain in the restaurant card office until picked up.  Once you have received your card, you can use it immediately.

      Remember: Your cards were “PAID FOR” when you made your October 2018 maintenance payment.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND $200 CHECKS WITH YOUR RC1900 FORMS.

 Thank you very much for your cooperation.  


The Controller                                                                                  


Dear unit owners:

It is now official…

Through the dedicated efforts of countless individuals, Hollybrook has now achieved the required 80 percent AFFIRMATIVE vote on the restated Documents. THANK YOU to all who voted and otherwise supported this effort. The final vote count was 1,456 Approve and 41 Not Approve (out of 1,497 eligible votes cast).

We are excited to implement these vastly improved documents that govern so many of our core functions. We will soon be filing the required documents with the authorities to formally enact our new Declaration of Condominium, Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws. As many are aware, our law firm of Becker & Poliakoff which specializes in community association law has been involved every step of the way in preparing these new Documents and will also be utilized to ensure they are properly recorded and put into effect.

Rest easy. As was stressed throughout the voting process, our adoption of these restated Documents in no material way alter your day-to-day life at Hollybrook. It puts our community in a vastly improved governance position relative to operational procedures and legal requirements and challenges associated with those procedures.

This has been an extremely arduous, one-year-long process. The final vote results demonstrate the impressive perseverance and teamwork that you and your neighbors displayed throughout. If you received more emails, phone calls, and visits from our “Street Teams” than you liked on these Documents, we apologize, but it has now paid off. Your support of this initiative is deeply appreciated. Congratulations and again, heartfelt THANKS.  

Highlights of changes to the documents:

* The Restated Documents are a consolidation of the existing Documents to incorporate amendments made previously

* The Restated Declaration implements a previous decision by the Board of Administration to change the amending formula from 80% to 70% of voting interests

* The Restated Declaration clarify the governance of the Association by eliminating the inconsistencies in our existing Documents for the election of Officers, and affirming the authority of the Board of Administration in managing the affairs of the Condominium and of the Association

* The Restated Documents align systematically with the current legislation and case law, and defer to the law whenever appropriate

* The Restated Documents restrict the provisions regarding Special Assessments approved by the Board of Administration to a maximum amount of $250 annually consistent with the statutory guidelines

Board Meetings Banner2.jpg

Hollybrook Golf and Tennis Club Board Meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Playhouse. Meeting agenda notices are sent via email blast to all residents prior to the meetings. Backup materials regarding items to be addressed are made available for your convenience.


1) Print and complete the form at the link below and return it to the Association via US mail, hand delivery to the Administration building, or email to

2) Come in to the Administration building media room and fill out a form

3) Sign online via the link below

The Hollybrook Board adopted a resolution authorizing electronic voting by unit owners for the documents, election of directors and officers, and other issues requiring a vote by unit owners. In order to utilize electronic voting, a unit owner must give formal consent to the Association that you intend to use your email address to cast such votes. A consent form has been developed to allow you to consent to vote electronically.


If you are unable to attend a Special Membership Meeting in person and wish to return the enclosed Limited Proxy so that another individual chosen by you (your proxy) may be counted toward the quorum requirement and your vote may be cast as you so designate by your proxy. 

Use the links below to fill out a Proxy Form. Print and complete the form at the link below and return it to the Association via US mail, hand delivery to the Administration building, or email to You may also come in to the Administration building media room and fill out a form.


1. A limited proxy form must be signed by the designated owner of the unit.

2. The proxy form should be submitted to the Association prior to the scheduled time of the meeting. It can be hand-delivered or mailed to the Association at: 900 Hollybrook Dr., Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, Attn: Recording Secretary. It is recommended that the proxy be submitted as long before the meeting as possible, in order to avoid delays in registration the night of the meeting.

3. If you appoint a proxy and later determine that you will be able to attend the meeting in person, you may withdraw your proxy when you register at the meeting.

4. A proxy may be revoked in writing or suspended by a later proxy to another person. It may also be assigned (substituted) by the person you originally designate as your proxy if the person you designate on the proxy decides that he or she will be unable to attend the meeting (this is the second page of the limited proxy form).

5. To have your proxy cast your vote on amending the documents, please complete and sign the Limited Proxy and return it in the pre-addressed envelope provided.

6. A Limited Proxy form is enclosed with this notice for your use, if needed.